From Grad Caps to Gap Years: Geofencing Alumni with Techy Love

Oh, universities! If you thought the relationship with students ends when they toss their caps in the air, think again. Your proud alumni are out there, conquering the world, but they still have a soft spot for their alma mater. So, how do you keep that connection alive and kicking? Enter higher education geofencing marketing, taking the relationship game to level 100!

Alumni Reunions Gone Hi-Tech – Setting up a geofence around popular venues can remind alumni of upcoming reunions when they’re nearby. “Hey there! Just a nudge that the Class of ’05 is reuniting next month at this very spot. RSVP?”

University Merch Alerts – Who doesn’t love flaunting their college tee or sipping from a mug with their university’s logo? “Pssst! Our new summer collection just dropped at the campus store. Swing by for an alumni discount!”

Campus News Bulletins – Alumni love to stay in the loop. Use geofencing to share cool updates when they’re in the vicinity. “Did you know our campus library now has a rooftop cafe? Perfect spot for nostalgia, don t you think?”

Fundraisers & Donations – Engage alumni for good causes. “Hey there, champ! Help us build the new sports complex. Every penny counts, especially from stars like you.”

Career Opportunities – Many alumni look to give back by recruiting fresh talent. “Hiring? The university’s career fair is bustling with potential. Join us tomorrow!”

But, before you set those geofences and start the pings:

Memory Lane, Not Spam Street – Over-communicating can turn sweet memories into annoying nudges. Use geofencing judiciously.

No Sneaky Business – Alumni should have the option to opt in (or out). A cherished connection is built on trust, not trespassing.

Variety is the Spice – Alumni from different batches and faculties have diverse interests. Tailor your messages, and add that personal touch. Like sprinkling a dash of their favorite college memories!